There are some states in the US where licensed marijuana Canada is available, such as Colorado, California, New York and Vermont. You can join a legal entity of a group of patients that can share medical marijuana with one another. You can become eligible to share your marijuana.

To order weed online, a patient should be 18 years or older to secure a medical cannabis card if they are seeing the doctor or physician for osteopathic medicine which agrees and advises to it. With the help of medical cannabis card, you can mail order marijuana.

You can use marijuana through the following methods –

  • Inhalation – You can take the dose. It comes with instant effect as medicine is taken into the lungs quickly and absorbed from the capillaries in the bloodstream.
  • Vaporization – As nebulizer treatment, it can heat the cannabis to the temperature which can release medication vapors that can be inhaled.
  • Oramucosal or Sublingual Delivery – It can be possible by taking marijuana in the form of tinctures or oils. It is delivered quickly to the bloodstream for quick effect. One can take the tinctures through dropper under tongue or sprayed in the mouth that can be absorbed in oral cavity. It is recommended widely for non-smokers.
How to Use Medical Marijuana? Who is Eligible to Use It?