UTI E-Drops – Better Solution for UTI Infections Than Cranberry

Cranberry juice has been proved to be very effective as a natural UTI treatment without antibiotics and side effects. Researchers have found various strengths and women stopped the cure because they have to consume a lot of fluid. Along with it, this juice has a lot of calories.

Don’t worry; there is another natural cure for UTI that is completely safe. According to Dr. Michael Weispapir, former Director (Eastgate Biotech Corp), UTI E Drops have been used for over 2 decades in Europe as a natural UTI cure. According to Weispapir, UTI E Drops are known to be very effective as compared to cranberry juice. Along with its anti-sticking benefits, it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties and it also adds protective layer on urinary tract walls to avoid more bacterial buildup in future.

It is certainly the best combination of modern technology and timeless natural herbs that delivers very effective results. It is recommended to take at least 40 drops of UTI E-Drops diluted in 1/4th of glass of water and mix it well and drink 3 times a day. It doesn’t contain wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, corn, or any artificial flavorings and nasty coloring. Don’t use it if you have chronic kidney disease. You don’t need any prescription as it doesn’t cause any complications.  It provides quick relief from symptoms like back pain and burning sensation due to UTI.